Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Year

This year started off with a bang!  Literally.  Our new driver had his first car accident.  He was sufficiently freaked out and has a new appreciation for "the road".  Both Shane and the car are fine.  From what we have pieced together it was the other driver's fault.  We are just waiting on the official word (and a check) from our insurance company.

This is ME!  A girl I work with did our winter bulletin board at school and I am officially a snow woman.  I wish I had those eyelashes.

Mason has been really busy with karate, school and his friends.  He plays outside non-stop.  He and his neighborhood friends have been little entrepreneurs all month.  One weekend they sold kool-aid and snacks, the next weekend they were dog walkers, and they have been "finger" knitting scarves.  To be 8 again and excited to work for a dollar.

Shane brought a girl home!  Sort of.  He has a friend in Florida whose mom is a hairdresser (or are they stylists, now?).  The mom let Shane "borrow" the head she uses to practice hairstyles.  He has been very entertaining (and scared Mason half to death).  He put it at the table (see picture above) and when Mason got up for breakfast he flipped out a little.  She was very life like.....a little too life like for out tastes.  It was a little like being in the movie "Mannequin".  Chris got in to bed one night and she was laying on my pillow.  We went to get in our car and she was sitting in the passenger seat.  Tucker's friend had a mini heart attack when he came over and she was laying fully clothed in the living room.  I think we are all glad she has gone home.

Above are pictures of Michael Jordan.....don't let the size of this boy fool you :)  My camera was freaking out, so, please excuse the quality of these pictures. I think this boy has played better basketball this season then any season before.  I love watching him....and as most of you know I couldn't care less about sports. Tucker just moves so fast and is all over the court.  He is fun to watch!  This past weekend his team won the 48-45 and the kids on the other team were GIANTS!  The championship game is this weekend and even I'm excited.

Our real estate office called on Friday.  The owner of the house we are renting in Florida is going to put the house up for sale.  They are going to honor the lease and it is up on May 31st.  We are tired of paying for the electricity and water for this pool.  We won't miss that.  But, this is a great neighborhood and we will miss it.  We will especially miss our favorite neighbors.  And not just because they send cake over all the time :)
January is going out with AWESOME news......Shane got a job.  He is going to be a bagger at Publix.  He starts orientation this weekend.
In February we get to go to Tennessee for a visit!

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