Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Plan

Blogging once a month does not seem to be working for me.  By the time the month is over I don't remember what we did all month!  So, I will have to update this blog more often.

Most of February was all about Basketball.  Tucker finished up his rec league and was picked for the All-Star Team and we also began his travel team.  The travel team will mostly just "travel" to Pensacola and maybe as far as Mobile, Alabama (just an hour away).  Tucker was very excited to be picked for All-Star's.  Mason does not enjoy going to the games and watching for hours.  At the playoffs he told us that he wanted Tucker to lose so we wouldn't have to stay for the next game.  There is nothing quite like brotherly love!

Shane started his new job and he works about 25 hours a week.  Most of the time he is a bagger and brings the grocery carts in from the parking lot.  Some days he gets the joy of cleaning the store....he is pretty horrified at having to clean all of the bathrooms.  After the first week he came and told me that there was "no way" I could do his job.  Uh, right...because I've never had to clean up after anyone gross before.  He is staying so busy with work and school.  Chris, the boys and I have gone up to Publix to see him at work....and as you can imagine he was very excited to see us (not).   He doesn't have a car yet, so it has been a challenge making sure everyone gets where they need to be on time.  Most importantly, he looks so cute in his uniform!  He would die if he ever found a picture of himself in it on, I will refrain.

Mason is still keeping us laughing.  I am not sure where he has gotten all of this sarcasm from....hmmmm?   He and Shane were arguing about something the other day and Mason said  "Shane is a democrat".  We have trained our little republican very well.  Mason has had walking pneumonia 3 times this school year.  Neither Shane or Tucker has ever had breathing treatments so this was our first experience.  We were told that Albuterol might totally change his personality and make him feel angry.  We got lucky, the only thing that happened was he got hyper.  He was actually in a really good mood.  It would have been nice if we could have kept him on it a little bit

Shane had to work :( but the rest of us got to go see the Harlem Globetrotters when they came to Pensacola. They were awesome!  The boys really had no idea who they were and were not looking forward to going but they loved them by the time it was over.  Weirdest thing happened when we were at the show.  I know about 10 people in the Florida panhandle.  Max.  Guess who was sitting next to me?  My boss!  Of all the people who were at the game the person who sits next to me is someone I know.  So weird!

The last weekend in February, Chris was running a trail race in Asheville, NC.  The boys and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go visit everyone in Maryville.  Yippee.  We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see on this visit.  We took it easy this time and ran around a little less than our last few trips.  The first two nights we stayed with the Morgan's and the third, and last, night we stayed with the Dennis'.  After living there for 10 years it is just home to us....and because we didn't have any family that lived very close to us our friends there became our family.  It was a great visit all around.
Could not live without these 3 girls...and I'm glad I don't have to.  Tracy is missing...but she needed some "alone time" with her husband :)

After this picture was taken, Mason had a scooter accident.  He was going to fast down a hill and got scared and jumped off.  Now, before you wonder where the parents were....we were inside because my friend, Kara's daughter, Ellie, had been pushed off the trampoline and she had ice on her jaw.  Mason came in crying and showed me his elbow.  Before we got that cleaned up we lifted up his shirt and he had a big, very deep scrape on his side near his hipbone.  Shelly, Kara and I were trying very hard not to totally freak out.  It truly looked like a hole.  Shelly ran to the store to get band aids and neosporin.  Kara continued to nurse Ellie.  And I stood there like I didn't know what to do.  I would be a horrible nurse!  Mason was crying that he didn't want to die and I tried to assure him that he would live to own a cell phone one day.  Kara's husband came home and helped us all.  The next morning Mason wanted to know if he ate would food come out of his side.  A week later we are still bandaging it and putting medicine on every day.  He has missed a couple of days of P.E. and couldn't go to karate class all week.

Chris ran his race in Asheville.  It was 26 miles up Black Mountain. read it right....26 miles up a mountain.  It took him 5 hours and 53 minutes.  He's insane but we love him anyway.

The last day, we had lunch with everyone at the Little's farm.  After church, Tracy and Shelly distracted me by driving us to both of their houses to pretend we were looking for things(those two are tricky).  When we got to the Little's farm I opened the front door and they yelled "Surprise".  I still didn't get it....I wasn't sure whose birthday it was.  Mine was in June, so it couldn't have been mine.  Well, I was wrong.  They threw me a surprise 40th birthday party 8 months and 6 days after my birthday and it was the BEST!  So, now I don't have to turn 41 for another year.  Is that how it works?  I think so.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our friends....and couldn't be any more blessed.  Well, maybe if money fell from the sky into our laps.

Sweet Shannon!
 With Shelly
 The "Grandmom" coffee cup from Leann.  
 The girls!
The boys!