Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He's A Big Kid Now

Shane did it!  He graduated and life is forever changed, for all of us. 

We had a graduation party for him in Tennessee because we don't really know anyone to invite in our current town.  It was a BIG surprise and we totally kept it hidden from him.  Even his 9 year old brother managed to keep the secret for months.  All was a success!

Here are some pictures.....
He has NO idea.....he's just walking up texting.  He thinks he has come to a party for our friend Mike.
He looks up!

Getting a clue...
Who is here?
Proud Nana
Mason was so proud of his big bro!

It would be nice if I was capable of taking a good picture.

LOVE this girl!
Shannon and Shane....she helped so much with this.  There is no way I could have done it without her....and it was her idea after all!
Lol.....at least Caitlynn looks good!
These two were in love with each other in elementary and most of middle school....but now they are more like brother and sister :)  Love her!
Grew up with these kids!
The Redmans

Tucker has to show everyone how strong he is by picking them up.

Go Bucs!

This is Jessie....she was in the very first preschool class I taught when she was a toddler.....she is so much fun and has so much personality.  She always liked Shane but now she is old enough to have a full blown crush.  She kept asking him out and wrote "Call me, Jessie" on his autograph frame.  I love her entire family!

 Su Mei and Chels
Mason and Caleb enjoying the amazing bar b q by Kari Roy


 There is a story behind the syrup and waffles but I don't know what it is.
Some of the girls he was in forensics with in Maryville.

My girls!  They have all been praying for us through all of this crazy stuff we have had going on.

We stayed in Maryville until Sunday after lunch....then met Nana and she followed us back to 'Bama.  When we got back it was time to pick my mom (Mimi) up from the airport.  The boys had 2 more days of school and then Tuesday is the big day!

 Shane and Mimi

 Pre graduation dinner at PF Changs
 Isn't he handsome?
 He was SO grouchy.  I couldn't even look at him as we were standing in line b/c I was trying to keep from wearing him out.  18 year olds are no picnic, people.

 With his granny's
 Before graduation.....he always finds girls to hang out with.
 There he goes!
 That's him.....I just missed him!
 Well.....good luck world!  Here he comes!