Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Summer....Don't Go Away

Wow.  We are all registered for school and starting to purchase school supplies :(  How sad.  I never want summer to end.   The constant fighting around here does drive me a little crazy but once school starts our stress levels all multiply.  We are lazy summer people...I do not apologize.

Tucker spent 11 days with his friend Austin in Florida at the end of June.  The first 3 days I was just fine but after that I just wanted him home.  I like all of my baby birds in the nest where they belong.  Chris was making fun of me for missing him but he just doesn't get it!  I think it took Tuck about 7 days to miss me and I think he mostly missed his PS3.

While Tuck was gone and Shane was at work, Chris and I took Mason to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.  It was SO cool.  They have a Space Shuttle that you can check out...from the outside of course.  I have almost zero interest in space and I could have stayed there all day long to check things out.  They also had an exhibit called A T-Rex Named Sue.  It is supposed to be the largest, most complete T-Rex found in North America. How they know it's name is Sue is beyond me.  We had a really good time.

For Mason's 9th birthday (Can you BELIEVE he is 9?) we went camping in the mountains in Tennessee with all of our TN camping buddies.  Who knew I would have missed camping this much?  This is the first time we have gone since all of our layoff/moving stuff started and I think it was therapeutic to get back out there...for all 5 of us.  Chris said it felt like we got our lives back.
 The Dennis and Redman boys together again!

 Caleb and Mason have been best friends since they were in diapers!

 Our campsite decorated for a Star Wars birthday party

 Aaron, Nicole and Matt came up to see us, too!  Nicole and Mason were best buds in preschool.  We always say that she is Rudy and he is Bud.

We were impressed with Matt's muscles :)
 Hooray!  Cannon came, too!  Caleb and Mason quickly showed him how to be a pyromaniac.

Drew and Matthew helping me capture some memories for Mason of his party.
 Ya think he is happy with his new DS?
 Mason, Cannon and Hayden (yup!  Hayden came up too!)
 Mason kayaking
 Tucker, Hunter, and Daniel kayaking
 Is he cute or what?  Although you can't tell from this picture he is SO silly and the biggest flirt.  Love him!
 Dan frying his fish as the men guard the food.

 Mattie and Shelly

 Caleb "The Fish Whisperer"   Fish just flock to him and give up their lives.
 This was really the first camping trip where Mason had a little freedom to go hang out at the pier with his buddies.  

 This party is over :(
 Everyone of these boys will grow up to be great men who love the Lord.
 Me and my Shannon....she loves me even though she knows me.

 I'm kayaking!  Yup, me!  Who knew I was so outdoorsy?  

 The four amigos on our double date.  What a great way to end our camping trip.