Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 in Texas

We went to Houston for Christmas this year.  Our first stop was the wedding of our nephew, Brett, and his sweet, new wife, Amy.  We all got to spend time with some of the Redman's and meet some of my sister in law's family.  Mason got a hold of my camera at the rehearsal dinner (which he called a "preview") and wedding and stalked the new couple.
Here are a few pics....if they are totally off ....Mason took them.
 This is Nana, Chris' mom, and Tucker, Shane and Mason.  Doesn't Nana look sassy?

 Mason stalking Brett while he is trying to eat his dinner.  The dinner was Chicken Fettucini Alfredo and it was yummy.  Tucker said "this is better than the Olive Garden".  A big compliment in Tucker's eyes.

Uncle Gary...the father of the groom.

 Mason and the bride to be, Amy.

 Mother of the groom, Sue.

The groom's parents table.

Amy and Brett

 Me and Chris.  It is after 8 pm...so he is tired.

 Our nephew, Brett and three of my boys.  Shane had already left in another car.

 Chris and his mistress...the droid.

 Cutting the groom's cake.

Gary finally gets a daughter.

Gary, Roberta, Tammy and Chris. Before the wedding....my pictures are out of order!

Two of my sisters in law...Sue and Tammy.  We are pretty cute...if I must say so myself.

Brett and Tucker

The boys lined up to catch the garter.  Notice that Tucker is right there hoping!

The whole family gathered around the tv to watch The Wizard of Oz.  Kind of funny that grown ups  are that mesmerized.

I got to spend some quality time at Lupe's with my high school girlfriends, Jennifer, Tara, Ami....and Ami's sweet boy Joel.  Joel was amazingly quiet and let us talk!

I also got to have breakfast with Nancy, dinner with Alma and hung out at Kim's house.  Kim took a break from her stomach virus to hang out with me.  I only managed to get a pic of me and Alma.  For the first time in 10 years I didn't get to hang out with Sheryle.  She was in California for most of my trip.  

After a couple of days we loaded up the car....and my Aunt Mag and headed to my mom's house in Houston.
The youngest cousin, Taylor, and the oldest cousin, Shane.

My mom dancing with Mia and Mason dancing with Aunt Mag.

Tucker, cousin Rebecca and Mason

The theme for this year's gifts...Shane got a laptop and accessories, Tucker got Longhorn stuff, and Mason...another year of Star Wars. 

Christmas Eve

My mom and the boys on Christmas Eve

One of my favorite Aunts (the other one would be my aunt Geri).

Made my mom a scrapbook of her life:)

And Mason wanted me to add a pic of the gingerbread house he made before Christmas.

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