Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Thirteen years and three days ago Tucker John Redman was born.  All 9 lbs. 13 oz. of him and 21 in. of him  (yes, it hurt.....a lot).  He came into this world very quiet and alert.  What we didn't know was that Tucker was just taking it all in and at about 8 months old would decide not to sit still or stop talking for the rest of his life. Each and every day as his mother has been such a wonderful blessing.  As "all boy" as Tucker is, he has such a sweet, gentle heart.  There is never a dull moment...he can have fun any and everywhere...and usually does.  Tucker gets along with just about everyone both kids and adults.  He is inquisitive, smart, athletic and kind.  The teenage years have arrived and although I am sure there will be some bumps and bruises along the way....I am confident that we have an incredible young man on our hands.  I am quite sure he has gotten all of these wonderful qualities from his mother!

Happy Birthday, Tuck!

P.S. Please stop growing up.

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